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Patchouli Bergamot Roll-on Perfume

A roll-on perfume with a distinct citrusy, woodsy aroma from patchouli, bergamot and rose essential oils.

5 drops bergamot BF essential oil
2 drops rose essential oil
3 drops patchouli essential oil
2 teaspoons grapeseed oil
.31 ounce amber glass roll-on bottle
1. In roll-on bottle, measure essential oils, top off with grapeseed oil, replace cap and shake until well blended.

2. To use, apply 2 to 3 swipes of perfume to pulse points.

Ease of Preparation: 3 to 5 ingredients

From: Aura Cacia Aromatherapy

We Suggest
The rich, floral aroma can be lightened with the addition of complementary topnotes like lavender or lemon. The rose heart of the essence can be developed into a more complex floral note with the addition of neroli or jasmine. Clove and cinnamon will produce a spicier fragrance.

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