Add the simple pleasures of aromatherapy to your everyday life with our unparalleled selection of essential oils and ready-to-use skin care products — formulated from 100% pure essential oils, to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.



Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

Comforting Geranium (Heart Song) Comforting Geranium (Heart Song)

Aura Cacia's Comforting Geranium evokes a memory of that someone special and a freshly picked bouquet.

Relaxing Lavender (Lavender Harvest) Relaxing Lavender (Lavender Harvest)

Aura Cacia's Relaxing Lavender evokes a summertime stroll through a field of flowers and sweet herbs under an azure blue sky.

Tranquil Chamomile (Tranquility) Tranquil Chamomile (Tranquility)

Aura Cacia's Tranquil Chamomile evokes the comforts of a peaceful home on a fresh spring day.

Warming Balsam Fir (Soothing Heat) Warming Balsam Fir (Soothing Heat)

Aura Cacia's Warming Balsam Fir evokes a warm winter cabin, nestled in a gorgeous green forest.
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