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Difuser Lamp - Warmer Candles 10 ct.
click for more info Accessories Difuser Lamp - Warmer Candles 10 ct.
Difuser Lamp - Warmer Candles 10 ct.

Price: $2.45
Ingredients: 100% Paraffin
Directions: These warmer candles burn clean, odorless and, unlike votive candles, leave no unwanted residue. Burn time is 5-6 hours.
Suggested Uses: Warmer candles can be used in non-flammable, heat resistant, well ventilated containers such as: Votive holders, chafing dishes, candle holders, luminaries, potpourri pots, coffee/tea warmers, hurricane lamps.
Safety Notes: •Do not place a burning candle on or near flammable objects or objects that may be damaged by fire. •Never leave any burning candles unattended or in a place where children or pets might reach them. •Before lighting candle straighten the wick. •As the candle warms, the paraffin melts and becomes very hot. Liquid paraffin can cause burns or property damage. •Extinguish the candle carefully. To avoid spilling the liquid paraffin, blow the flame out gently or snuff the candle with a flat non-flammable object placed directly over the metal cup. Be sure the candle is out. •Do not move the candle after extinguishing it until the metal cup has cooled and the paraffin has become solid again. •If you intend to use these warmer candles in a potpourri pot or other enclosed container, be sure that the candle chamber is adequately ventilated. •Inadequate ventilation of the candle may result in overheating of the liquid paraffin to the point of ignition, creating a large uncontrolled flame. •Never add anything, including water, to a candle.
Product Notes: Made in Germany
Origin: China
Bar Code: 0-16605-20215-2
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