Getting started with DIY body care

Getting started with DIY body care

I love to create easy, effective products to use in my body care routines at home. I infuse homemade body butter or deodorant with essential oils for their specific aroma and effect.  I make nutrient dense facial masks and moisturizers with organic, single ingredient skin care oils, raw foods and clay powders to have a deeper connection to what comes directly from the earth.  And I take time to really consider what I put on my skin and in my body because I know it all has a greater effect on my whole sense of wellness.

This is part of my self care, but what does this type of care truly mean?  For me, self care is a deep belief that embodies many small rituals and practices I try to incorporate in my daily life to achieve an overall state of balanced and vibrant health.  Every aspect of my life is part of my understanding and practice of self care because I know that each element has influence on the next.  With that mindset, I have spent several years improving on what I put on my body to make the most out of the practice of body care.

Ultimately, true self-care is a practice in mindfulness.  The beautiful thing I have learned over the years from experimentation with making products on my own at home is that once the basics of DIY creation are understood, the practice of creating something very specific to my own needs is fun, engaging, meditative and empowering.  Here are some things I incorporate into my practice of homemade body care, which may help you get started down this path as well.

1. Know that you are the expert of YOU

For years, I chose the wrong facial products because I listened to other people tell me about my skin.  When I started paying attention to what my skin actually needs and stopped treating my skin as a whole, I was able to take better care of my skin. My skin changes with weather, climate, location, time of month/year, etc. and I cannot use the same product on it day in and day out and expect to glow every day.  If I use argan oil as a moisturizer in the winter (which I do) it is the right fit for me.  But in the summer, it feels too heavy and I adjust it or use a lighter fatty oil that doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily in the summer heat.

2. Take time to create something at home to save time and money in the store

 I don’t need a product designed to sit in a warehouse or on a shelf for years to take care of my skin.  If I spend a little time researching organic or raw ingredients and following simple recipes, I am sacrificing the convenience of a finished product.  But I am giving up on a high-product price by creating something very specific to what I need right in my own kitchen.  This creates more space in my life for quality time at home doing what I love where I love to do it rather than chasing down the next quick fix product.

3. Keep the ingredients clean and simple

Many of the elements we crave in our skin care routines are found in foods and simple ingredients.  From fresh avocado to lavender essential oil, I know that using just one or two elements at a time is often all I need to create something meaningful, useful and effective for my skin. 

Learn more about homemade body care and get recipes, tips and more to discover what’s right for you. 


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Carol Breckenridge
07/31/2017 22:56:26

Charlynn, I have been thinking of taking some classes in Aromatherapy. I love working with Aura Cacia essential oils and have for some time. Any suggestions as to getting into a good program?

08/02/2017 18:04:12

Hi Carol.  Wonderful!  What a great endeavor (I am biased, I know).  There are now several great aromatherapy programs out there - I always look for schools that are accredited and have a great educational reputation in addition to a strong aromatherapy curriculum.  One of our favorites is ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences) based in Portland, Oregon.  They have a wide variety of online class options available and have a great reputation.  Best of luck to you!

Lore Prz
01/15/2017 04:19:09

What a great article! So holistic that I felt its energy! Thank you!

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