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Essential oil diffusion for autumn

Essential oil diffusion for autumn

Care for your indoor spaces with autumn essential oil diffusions that appeal to your senses. Here's a taste of my experience with the scents of autumn. 

Where I live out in the country, fall has a distinct scent that seems to emanate from the changing leaves in the woods and the drying grasses in the prairie. The humidity of summer dissipates and the clearing air fills with the scents of wood, earth, moss and ripening fruit. I try to bring these scents to the interior spaces of my home as well by diffusing essential oils. I choose from earthy oils like vetiver, patchouli and myrrh, wood scented oils like cedarwood and sandalwood and leafy oils like eucalyptus, myrtle and bay.

Simple ambient diffusion

I like the subtle, unobtrusive and long lasting effects of an ambient diffusion. One that doesn’t require electricity, a fan or a burning candle. Ambient diffusion and air care can be as simple as sprinkling essential oils over a bowl of dried autumn botanicals, setting out diffusion salts and reed diffusers, or hanging up a terra cotta diffuser. All are examples of ambient diffusion. Other kinds of diffusion If you want to increase the depth and radiance of the scent in your own home, consider the multitude of efficient and convenient essential oil diffusers that are available, from discreet models that fit to an electrical outlet, candle lamps which create a cozy glow, to sonic diffusers which create mesmerizing tendrils of essential oil scented mist.

Homemade essential oil blends for fall diffusion

A balanced blend that includes an earthy, wood and leaf scented essential oil seems best suited to the autumn season. Diffusing these oils evokes a therapeutic walk in the woods. Here’s any easy example that you might like to try: 5 drops each of myrrh, sandalwood and bay. Plus 3 drops of a fresh, sweet top note oil like lemon or bergamot which will modify and harmonize the blend, making it cohesive and even more alluring.

Learn more about essential oils for autumn and get recipes, tips and more.


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