Current must-haves: diffusers

Current must-haves: diffusers

With more time spent inside, stagnant indoor air (and even odors from cooking that can’t escape), reduced sunlight and the resultant longing for an uplift, the winter months bring even greater customer interest in diffusion.

Aura Cacia has diffusers for just about every customer need and preference — home, office or car; large space or small; visible or out of sight; models that don’t require electricity; even those that require no energy source at all.

Here is a short overview of each diffuser in our line, by diffusion type, to help you guide customers to the models that best fit their needs.       



With heat diffusion, the essential oil volatilizes once it is heated and the aroma quickly and potently fills the airspace.

Spiral Candle Lamp Diffuser

This diffuser has a hip but classy design, with a clear crystal bowl that holds essential oils and water heated by a tea light candle below. The soft candle glow adds a warm ambience. 

Aromatherapy (Scentball) Room Diffuser

Small enough to fit in your hand, this easy-to-use diffuser plugs directly into the outlet, sitting out of the way — and can even be out of sight. Simply drop essential oils onto the diffuser pad, insert and enjoy the aroma!

Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

The car diffuser plugs into your car’s lighter outlet and works on the same principle as the Scentball Room Diffuser. It also uses the same diffuser pads, making it more appealing for customers who may want to purchase both models.   



With ultrasonic diffusion, the essential oil is dispersed along with water by ultrasonic vibrations, resulting in more sustained aroma — heat is not involved with this type of diffusion.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser (Aromatherapy Mist)

Our ultrasonic diffuser is a table-top model with a simple, modern design and works well in any sized room.  Drops of essential oil are added to distilled water in the base. The diffuser can be set to run for 1 or 4 hours, and has a soft LED light that can be on or off while diffusing.



In evaporative diffusion, the essential oil is allowed to gently permeate the airspace, with or without the help of a fan, for a more subtle, lingering aroma.

USB Essential Oil Diffuser (Aromatherapy Air)

The USB Aromatherapy Air Diffuser plugs into and is powered by your computer/laptop or other USB device. A wick draws oils from a bottle placed in the diffuser, with a gentle fan to disperse the aroma. Smaller than the Ultrasonic Diffuser, It is portable and works great for smaller spaces at home or office.

Aromatherapy Vaporizer

This electric table-top diffuser uses a stream of air to diffuse the essential oils. It contains a vaporizing cartridge, on which only one to two drops of essential oil are needed.

Terra Cotta Diffusers

Our terra cotta diffusers (sun and moon designs) are made of earthen clay and use no energy source. The aroma diffuses through the porous surface from drops of oil placed inside. Roughly the size of your palm, they are handy to move around and can sit on a small surface or hang anywhere (even a closet as a sachet).


Diffuser tips

Here are some quick diffuser tips for you to share with your customers:

  • Always read the instructions before adding essential oils to your diffuser.
  • We recommend starting with the smallest suggested amount of oils, adding until you find the right amount for your comfort level and space size.
  • Single essential oils and blends alike can be used in diffusers.
  • Any plug-in diffuser should be unplugged when not in use.

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