What you need to make homemade deodorant

Making homemade deodorant is simple. To get started, stock up on these essential ingredients. 

1. Baking soda

A key ingredient in natural deodorants, baking soda can be used on its own for a simple deodorant as a paste made with water. It is a must-have in any natural recipe, as it is free of harsh chemicals and very effective at keeping odor at bay.

2. Powdered clay

Another great component used to fight odor and absorb moisture, clay powder comes in a lot of varieties but choose white colored varieties such as bentonite.

3. Coconut oil or cocoa butter

Great for fighting odor and for their nourishing properties, these natural, buttery oils are the key binding ingredients for the dry powders in cream deodorant recipes.

4. Cornstarch or arrowroot powder

Either powder can be used to absorb moisture. This is great for keeping underarms dry. If using cornstarch, consider choosing organic to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

5. Essential oils

As one of the better essential oils for a deodorant formula, bergamot orange bergaptene free (BF) is a terrific odor fighter with a fresh, light scent. In choosing your own essential oils, make sure to use gentle oils as the underarm is a sensitive area.

It's important to know that these ingredients function primarily as deodorants and not antipersparents. Perspiration, specifically underarm sweat, is a normal function of a healthy body. The body odor that sweating produces can be a nuisance, but fortunately it can be controlled naturally through regular washing and the application of a deodorant. Unlike antiperspirants, which can be formulated with substances which plug and suppress the sweat gland, deodorants won't interfere with the normal functioning of these glands. Deodorants can interrupt the formation of body odor by decreasing the bacteria that cause body odor, as well as helping to mask body odor when it does occur. Essential oils provide cleansing and purifying aroma benefits to the mix. Essential oils are easy to incorporate into completely natural DIY homemade deodorants which will feature less worrisome, more wholesome ingredients than conventional commercial versions which often rely on odor neutralizing chemicals, drying alcohol, bactericides and synthesized fragrances.

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