How to transform home spaces into spa spaces

When considering a home spa experience, don't limit your thinking. The undertaking is not only do-able, it's practical, and just because you're opting out of a pricey destination spa getaway, it doesn't mean your stay-at-home version has to be spartan or ineffectual. By bringing it into the home, every day is a spa getaway instead of a once in a blue moon indulgent luxury. Integrate the spa experience into your home by taking it room by room, transforming your use of each space into a holistic exercise in wellness.

Re-stage your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and outdoor home spaces as spa spaces. Organize your DIY spa products and accessories in artful displays and tableaux within easy reach so that they are a joy to look at, and you're tempted to indulge in them regularly. Transforming home spaces into spa spaces is easy if you follow these simple suggestions and take it room by room.

1. In the bathroom

Fill glass jars, decanters and stoppered bottles with essential oil infused mineral bath mixes, herbal baths, bath bombs, bubble bath, bath & body oils and body scrubs. Artfully stock your bathroom space with plush cotton towels, natural bristle brushes, pumice stones, loofah and sea sponges.

2. In the kitchen

On table or counter, display a large, pretty bowl filled with a rotating array of fresh and nutritious seasonal fruits.  In the fridge, keep a glass pitcher of water garnished with fresh fruit, mint and cucumber.

3. In the bedroom

Clear a surface and stage a meditative scene with a candle aromatherapy lamp among natural objets d'art. Make the bed a sanctuary of rest with scented linens and tuck fresh and fragrant herbal sachets in closets and drawers.

4. In the living room

Set up a trickling tabletop fountain or mini sand and pebble zen garden for relaxing contemplation.

5. In outdoor spaces

Create a subtle symphony of soothing sound with two sets of wind chimes, one deep toned and calming, the other tinkling and uplifting. Fill planters with scented herbs and flowers. Burn fragrant incense and use essential oil based patio sprays.

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