How to choose ingredients for summertime soothers

Summer entails fun in the sun, outdoor activities and vacations. But the flip side of summer can be sunburn, overworked muscles and travel-related stress. Prepare for an active summer with a simple kit of soothing DIY body care solutions that can help protect you from summer’s hidden hazards and recover if you’ve overdone it.

Whether gardening, sporting, entertaining or vacationing, these essential summertime season essential oils and soothing ingredients can keep you on track for a fun and healthy season:


The quintessential summertime soother. Derived from the water soluble gel of the aloe leaf, it's a hydrating, soothing and cooling substance on it's own or added to lotions, creams and mists.


Provides a calming, quieting and quelling energy in body care applications such as creams, lotions or bath products.


Nourishing, restoring and protecting benefits are extracted from the buttery soft petals of calendula flowers. The petals can be used whole in bath teas, infused into a tea for a skin compress, or extracted by infusing them in skin care oil.

Witch Hazel

The fresh-scented extract of witch hazel tree bark provides a balancing skin care benefit. The evaporative sensation it provides when splashed onto the skin is cooling and refreshing.


Added in small amounts to lotions or creams, honey provides a unique protecting, soothing and hydrating skin care benefit.

Coconut oil

Cocounut oil is a rich source of complex saturated fatty acids, which provide unique emollient, nurturing and balancing benefits in skin care applications. Use it alone, as a carrier for essential oils or a coconut-scented ingredient in DIY body lotions and creams.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is one of nature's finest body butters. Apply this protecting, emollient and long-lasting oil to skin as a nourishing shield against the summertime elements.

Lavender essential oil 

Lavender essential oil ia as powerful in its benefits as it is gentle and safe. Take advantage of lavender's soothing, balancing and calming nature in any bath or body care product.

Roman chamomile essential oil

The sunny, mildly floral scent of chamomile is calming, soothing and relaxing in any bath or body care applications.

Rose otto essential oil 

Use rose otto essential oil for its restoring, soothing and calming benefits. 

Peppermint essential oil 

Use peppermint essential oil for its cooling, soothing and invigorating benefits. 

To get started, explore recipes, tips and more related to homemade summertime soothers. 

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