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4 steps to DIY nail care

Engaging in DIY nail care is a great way to practice self care. Follow these 4 steps to caring for your nails through DIY recipes and practices. 

1. Nurture with a good soak 

 It's easier to tend to your nails and cuticles if they're soft and pliable first. The best way to do this is with hot soapy water. But don't just stop there, add Aura Cacia Nurture Essential Oil Blend to create a simple, soothing DIY nail treatment. 

2. Scrub and cleanse

Before reaching for the clippers, file and cuticle cutter, apply a cleansing nail scrub first. This often overlooked treatment is far less invasive and potentially damaging. Plus it will go a long way to lift away any superfluous material gently and safely.

3. Soothe and protect with cuticle oil

Your nails and cuticles are extensions of your epidermis, so good nail care is just as important as good skin care. Focus on your nails with a moisturizing and nourishing cuticle oil. Onto each nail and surrounding cuticle, massage a drop or two of a skin care oil such as sweet almond to witch you've added a calming essential oil such as lavender.

4. Protect and purify your nail care tools 

Finally, ensure that you're using clean tools. Fill a jar with a mixture of rubbing alcohol to which you add tea tree and lemon essential oils. Store and soak metal clippers, tweezers, cuticle pushers, cuticle trimmers in this solution between uses.

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