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4 steps of facial care

1. Preparation 

Splashing warm water, steaming or applying a warm compress to your face will soften, loosen and hydrate the skin. This facilitates cleansing by loosening dirt and dead skin cells while it opens the pores helping them to shed oil and debris during the cleansing.

2. Cleansing and Scrubbing/Exfoliating 

This step lifts oil, dirt and loose skin cells from facial skin. Scrubbing and exfoliation abrades dead skin cells and exposes newer underlying skin. But be gentle, aggressive scrubbing can harm skin and make it vulnerable. Imagine trying to wash the surface of a peach without harming it, that's how you want to treat your facial skin.

3. Balancing

Balancing a complexion can refer to various dimensions of skin care such as maintaining the degree of firmness and suppleness, the balance of moisture and oil, how small and less noticeable the pores are, or the desired shade and evenness of color. Well-balanced facial skin has an overall evenness of appearance and feel and results from an even-handed and consistent application of all of the basic facial care steps. But perhaps the most focused balancing application is the application of an astringent substance such as witch hazel extract after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer.

4. Moisturizing

There are two components to moisturizing, first is hydration (water) and the second is lubrication (oil). Oil is related to moisturization because it acts as a barrier to evaporation from the skin and protection from drying environmental factors such as wind and dry air. Moisturization can be accomplished by water and oil emulsified lotions and creams, but it's just as easy to simply swipe a sheer layer of skin care oil over your freshly cleansed and still damp skin.

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