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3 reasons to make a DIY gift

Giving a homemade gift to someone special is the ultimate expression of personal love and generosity. You haven't just spent money, you've spent your thought, time and resources on the gift. But beyond that, there are practical reasons to make your own gifts.

1. Save money 

By buying your gift making materials in bulk and making multiples, you empower your budget go further. You'll end up with more gifts to give for the same amount spent, and you may just end up with plenty of extras to give to yourself.

2. Tailor the gift to the needs of the receiver

Rather than spending time and energy searching for that one perfectly appropriate gift -- which might never seem perfectly appropriate, you can create it, based on the receiver's tastes, loves and preferences.

3. Work from home 

Conjure a DIY gift from the comfort of home and imbue it with a much more profound vibe of thoughtfulness and love. With the crowds, traffic and parking, shopping can be stressful, and that experience can color your gift-giving in a negative way. Put on some music, pour yourself a beverage and spend a pleasant day at home instead.

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