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heart chakra

heart chakra

The heart chakra, known as the Anahata in sanskrit, helps activate your emotional center to foster energy circulation, the expression of love and a sense of empathy, while dispelling callousness and anger.

Location center of the chest
Sanskrit Name Anahata
Color Green
# of Petals 12
Element Air
Mantra Yam
Mind passion/compassion
Emotion love of self as well as others
Spirit devotion

7 ways to balance the heart chakra

Learn how to achieve a balanced heart chakra that opens the floodgates of compassion and understanding through the use of seven distinct methodologies.

1. aromatherapy

Support heart chakra balance with the following:

2. yoga/physical exercises

  • Try swimming (breast stroke).
  • Do pushups.
  • Practice heart-opening techniques like hugging.
  • Suggested yoga poses: camel pose (Ustrasana), eagle (Garudasana)

3. sensory therapy

Connect to the wind element to nurture your heart chakra. Drive with the windows down in the car, or fly a kite on a breezy day. Practice deep breathing during a heart-focused meditation.

4. meditation

Focus on opening the floodgates of compassion and understanding.

5. sound therapy

The heart warming sound associations with anahata are:

  • Keynote: F
  • Frequency: 341.3 Hz.
  • Mantra: Yam
  • Elemental Sound: wind/air blowing

6. color therapy

The heart chakra is associated with the color green. Wear green to encourage compassion and free flowing love.

7. crystals and gemstones

moonstone, tourmaline, rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, green calcite, green tourmaline

heart chakra balancing yoga poses and meditation practices

These yoga postures will help encourage love of yourself as well as others.

heart chakra yoga poses

cobra (Bhujangasana)


bhujanga = serpent, snake

Other recommended heart chakra poses:

camel pose (Ustrasana), eagle (Garudasana)

Heart Chakra Meditation

heart chakra meditation

This heart opening meditation is perfect for times when your heart needs some focus. This one is best done lying down. With an association to the element of air, try doing this with an open window or a fan blowing.

view full meditation

listen to the recording of the guided meditation here:

heart chakra aromatherapy recipes

Heart Chakra Soothing Mist Recipe

soothing mist

Create a harmonious whole to produce balance at your heart chakra center.

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Heart Chakra Bath Blend Recipe

nourishing bath blend

A nourishing bath with oils supporting the heart chakra. Soak and engage the emotions with the delicate balance of lavender, bergamot and rosemary.

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opening heart organic chakra roll-on

Renew balance with this soft, floral blend of organic essential oils featuring mood-lifting geranium and refreshing lemon.

Suggested Uses:

Roll on essence to pulse points. Inhale. Nurture your heart chakra; apply to heart center. Pleasing aroma for daily use as a perfume.

Opening Heart Chakra Balancing Roll-on