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Throat Chakra Meditation

Although communication is coming at us from many different places, many of us are challenged to express our true selves. This meditation can help support you during times when you need to communicate from a place of authenticity. You can also use it during times when you need to listen and be present to receive the words of others.

some key words to focus on:


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listen to the recording of the guided meditation here:

  • Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position.
  • Roll your shoulders back and lift your chin slightly so your throat is long and open.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • On your exhale, open your mouth and let the breath move out audibly from the back of your throat with an “ahhhh". Continue to inhale and then exhale this way for the next few breaths.
  • Feel your breath as it releases from your throat. It reminds you that within your breath lies power.
  • You have the power to express yourself fully and authentically.
  • You have the power to use your voice to share truth, wisdom and respect.
  • You have the power to listen as well, and can easily decipher truth from false realities.
  • You have the power to hold your tongue during times of conflict and can rely on your breath to keep you calm, even, steady and focused.
  • Continue to breathe – inhale peace and calm; exhale power and truth.
  • With each breath, the knowledge of your authentic self begins to grow. It pushes away the doubts and fears that color your communications in a way that is not true to you. It pushes away any criticisms or harsh judgments.
  • Repeat to yourself: "I listen with my whole self and think before I speak. When I speak, I don’t back away from what is true or right. I share and communicate effectively and respectfully with others. I express myself fully and creatively."
  • On your next inhalation, become aware that your communication runs deep. It is more than talking and listening. It is in your posture and in your artistic endeavors and in all of the ways you connect with others. This is all within your power and control. Use it to grow to your fullest expressive potential.
  • When you feel ready, open your eyes and return to your day.

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