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Crown Chakra Meditation

Many of us aspire to achieve growth and the ability to transcend above things that don't matter in order to get to a place of balance and peace. If you are finding it difficult to let go, try this meditation to support your growth, fulfillment and ability to rise above it all. Stay connected to all that matters and let go of all that doesn't.

some key words to focus on:


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listen to the recording of the guided meditation here:

  • Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged position.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • As you empty your mind of all other thoughts, visualize yourself connected to the ground. Feel the connection to the earth and breath in the energy around you.
  • Allow the energy to rise — slowly — and fill every cell in your body with a radiant, warm light.
  • Allow the energy to push past the boundaries of your body and extend into the area around you.
  • You are connected to everything in your space. You feel the flow of energy as it fills you with power and opens your heart, your voice and your intuitive self.
  • Each chakra point is touched by this rising flow of energy, connecting each one to the next and connecting your whole self with the subtle hum of life that exists in everything.
  • As you feel this connection expand — you are able to disconnect from the things that hold no significance to your life or your development.
  • Continue to breathe – inhale light. Exhale light. You are a part of the greater whole.
  • With each breath, the deeper knowledge of the universe fills you to the core.
  • Repeat to yourself: "I am connected to all. I am a part of it all."
  • Your awareness in this place is one that transcends time and space. It is the awareness of the light that shines within and around all living things.
  • You are not the sum of your parts. You are not your body, your thoughts or your spirit alone. You are all of those things and a part of everything.
  • The light that shines within you allows you to fully embrace your radiant self, and allows you to recognize your true self in a state of grace.
  • Embrace the essence of who you are. Let it grow. Rise above it all and offer gratitude for the parts that make up the whole.
  • When you feel ready, take one last, deep breath — open your eyes and return to your day.

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