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Learn how to bring your chakras back into balance through meditation.

Meditation is a way to silence the mind, focus and relax. It can help restore balance, facilitate spiritual development and growth, and gain a sense of peace. The practice of meditation is personal, and there is no one way to do it. Here we offer some suggestions to help guide you back to balance, but, ultimately, it is up to you. To further your mind, body and spirit connection, we suggest incorporating these meditations with some of the other chakra balancing techniques.

how to use meditation to balance your 7 chakras

Root Chakra Meditation

root chakra meditation

This meditation can be used any time you need to reconnect or feel grounded. This can be a useful tool to establish a sense of security and peace during times of instability and change.

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Sacral Chakra Meditation

sacral chakra meditation

If you are struggling to find the passionate or creative flow of life and need to be reminded of the sensory experience of being, this meditation can help move you along. During times that lack joy or when you feel stagnant and unresponsive, use this as a guide to restore your zeal for life.

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Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

solar plexus meditation

Empowerment is an easy concept to grasp, but a difficult one to master. Let this meditation guide you to a place of balance and strength where you connect with your power and confidence.

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Heart Chakra Meditation

heart chakra meditation

If you feel like it is difficult to tune into the love that flows all around you, this meditation can help you harmonize with the powerful emotion of love. Allow your heart to connect to the beat of the hearts of those around you and guide you as you dance along the path of life.

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Throat Chakra Meditation

throat chakra meditation

Although communication is coming at us from many different places, many of us are challenged to express our true selves. This meditation can help support you during times when you need to communicate from a place of authenticity. You can also use it during times when you need to listen and be present to receive the words of others.

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Third Eye Chakra Meditation

third eye meditation

Intuition is all about turning inward and focusing on seeing without our eyes. In this meditation, you will be guided to look inward and see what needs to be seen that is beyond the physical. Vision and insight can be allowed to expand with the help of this meditation.

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Crown Chakra Meditation

crown chakra meditation

Many of us aspire to achieve growth and the ability to transcend above things that don't matter in order to get to a place of balance and peace. If you are finding it difficult to let go, try this meditation to support your growth, fulfillment and ability to rise above it all. Stay connected to all that matters and let go of all that doesn't.

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chakra meditation
root Consider doing this simple meditation outside, sitting on the ground. It is important to connect with the earth for this practice. This is also an excellent practice to do in the morning.
sacral Focus on the opening of emotions by relaxing to fully express. Try this meditation in the evening after a bath. Light some candles and engage your senses with aromatherapy and soft music.
solar plexus When you meditate on the solar plexus, your focus should be on connecting with your personal power. This guided meditation is designed to help empower you.
heart This heart-opening meditation is perfect for times when your heart needs some focus. This one is best done lying down. You'll want a meditation space with an association to the element of air, so try doing this with an open window or a fan blowing.
throat Consider doing this simple meditation while listening to light background music, sounds of nature or specific tones for the throat. Music is a key component in support of the throat chakra and will help enhance the focused meditation. After the meditation, you'll find it's the perfect time to embark on a creative or artistic endeavor.
third eye This third eye meditation helps you find clarity and enhances your perception. Breathe in and just be.
crown This meditation practice is best done in Corpse Pose (Savasana). Transcend the everyday and focus on the pure presence of the moment.

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