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Chakra Crystals & Gemstones

Learn how to bring your chakras back into balance through the use of crystals and gemstones.

Natural rocks, crystals and gemstones are often used in context with energetic types of healing. The stones interact with our energetic body by reacting to the electricity that we produce. Their own energy responds by harmonizing and balancing our energetic field. There have long been associations with the chakras and stones for this very reason. Below, we have listed crystals and gemstones associated with each of the seven chakras.

how to use crystals & gemstones to balance your 7 chakras

Root Chakra Gemstones

root chakra crystals & gemstones

  • bloodstone
  • obsidian
  • onyx
  • hematite
  • tiger's eye
Learn how to balance your root chakra.
Sacral Chakra Gemstones

sacral chakra crystals & gemstones

  • red and brown aventurine
  • carnelian
  • red garnet
  • red jasper
  • ruby
Learn how to balance your sacral chakra.
Solar Plexus Chakra Gemstones

solar plexus crystals & gemstones

  • amber
  • quartz
  • topaz
  • aragonite
  • citrine
  • golden calcite
  • yellow sapphire
Learn how to balance your solar plexus chakra.
Heart Chakra Gemstones

heart chakra crystals & gemstones

  • moonstone
  • tourmaline
  • rose quartz
  • aventurine
  • emerald
  • green calcite
  • green tourmaline
Learn how to balance your heart chakra.
Throat Chakra Gemstones

throat chakra crystals & gemstones

  • sapphire
  • aquamarine
  • red and brown aventurine
  • quartz crystal
  • angelite
  • blue lace agate
  • blue topaz
  • turquoise
Learn how to balance your throat chakra.
Third Eye Chakra Gemstones

third eye crystals & gemstones

  • diamond
  • amethyst
  • azurite
  • lapis lazuli
  • sodalite
Learn how to balance your third eye chakra.
Crown Chakra Gemstones

crown chakra crystals & gemstones

  • sapphire
  • green aventurine
  • quartz
  • diamond
  • clear calcite
Learn how to balance your crown chakra.
chakra crystals & gemstones
root bloodstone, obsidian, onyx, hematite, tiger's eye
sacral red and brown aventurine, carnelian, red garnet, red jasper, ruby
solar plexus amber, quartz, topaz, aragonite, citrine, golden calcite, yellow sapphire
heart moonstone, tourmaline, rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, green calcite, green tourmaline
throat sapphire, aquamarine, red and brown aventurine, quartz crystal, angelite, blue lace agate, blue topaz, turquoise
third eye diamond, amethyst, azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite
crown sapphire, green aventurine, quartz, diamond, clear calcite

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