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Chakra Color Therapy

Learn how to bring your chakras back into balance through the use of chakra color therapy.

Color therapy is a type of vibrational or energetic therapy that uses color to affect energy and emotional well being. It can be used to balance your individual chakra energy centers.

how to use color therapy to balance your 7 chakras

Here are some key ways you can use chakra color therapy to help restore balance:

  1. Wear clothes of a specific chakra color. For example, if you are working to balance the heart chakra, wear green.
  2. Use colored lights. Different colored light bulbs or stained glass can infuse a room with a strong wash of one color. Consider doing yoga or other chakra balancing exercises while bathed in the color of the chakra you wish to balance.
  3. Incorporate natural color. Add fresh flowers or plants into your physical space.
  4. Burn candles. Light the chakra color you wish to balance in your meditation practice while relaxing at home or while performing other chakra balancing exercises.

Aura Cacia Chakra Balancing Roll-ons

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