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Company Expands Natural Personal-Care Offerings

BOULDER, COLO. (FALL, 2001) - Aromatherapy will never be the same with the expansion, reformulation and repositioning of Aura Cacia, America's leading aromatherapy company for the past twenty years. Complete with a new graphic identity and packaging for its products, all made with pure essential oils - the pure botanical essence - the Aura Cacia brand is evolving beyond essential oils and products traditionally associated with aromatherapy, by launching a number of innovative, solution-based, natural personal-care products comprising new body care and hand care. To introduce the full line of Aura Cacia natural personal-care products to the trade and consumers, Aura Cacia is offering beautiful new in-store displays to key accounts in natural product, drug and grocery stores.

"We believe the new look, products and displays will help draw customers to the natural personal-care category as well as to the Aura Cacia® brand," stated Steve Hughes, C.E.O. of Frontier Natural Products Co-op, which owns the Aura Cacia® brand. "As we integrate aromatherapy into a broader range of natural personal-care products, we are sharing the benefits of pure botanical essence with new customers as well as with aromatherapy enthusiasts. By creating products that are natural alternatives to products people already use, we are helping educate consumers that aromatherapy is much more than just essential oils, and aromatherapy products are not just indulgent but can be included as part of a daily routine."

Aura Cacia® Logo, Packaging and Positioning: Aura Cacia's upgraded packaging features a modern identity with colorful botanical graphics to better reflect its heritage as the original aromatherapy brand and as a leader in natural personal care. The new Aura Cacia® logo represents the botanical elements of root, flower, fruit, leaf, and wood. Its clean look attracts consumers with a friendly, inviting approach, while on-package benefit-solution tips make it easy for everyone to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The new descriptor, Aura Cacia - pure botanical essence™, summarizes the brand's dedication to using only pure botanicals and plants in all of its natural personal-care products.

Aura Cacia® Products: Aura Cacia has taken the best that science has to offer and paired it with the traditional use of pure botanical essences to create natural personal-care products that meet the needs of today's consumer. In its new, reformulated and existing products, Aura Cacia uses only 100% pure essential oils, all natural, clean ingredients, and no synthetic fragrances or chemicals. All products are biodegradable and developed without animal testing. In addition to successful, existing products such as the top-selling brand of essential oils, oil blends, bath salts and aromatherapy accessories, the new Aura Cacia product line now is comprised of a number of reformulated products.

Aura Cacia One-Stop Shop: Aura Cacia has created an upscale display made of a light, natural wood to showcase its full line of natural personal-care products and to highlight new products. Four feet wide and 6.5 feet tall, the Aura Cacia display is decorated with botanical element designs. It neatly houses bottles of essential oils and massage oils, jars of mineral baths and bath salts, body lotions, body washes, hand care products, butters, and various aromatherapy accessories. With a professional look and straightforward merchandising approach, the displays make choosing aromatherapy and natural personal-care products simple, whether for indulgence, therapy or everyday use. Availability and price of the display is based on the amount of product purchased by a retailer.

Aura Cacia's exciting new solution-based natural bath and body care products include body washes ("Calm" and "Renew" options), body lotions ("Calm" and "Renew" options), hand care products ("Clarify" hand lotion and hand wash).

"Today, science allows us to create products made with pure botanical essence that have comparable or superior performance to mainstream products. The science offers legitimacy while the Aura Cacia heritage and tradition engender safety and trust," Hughes noted. "Our broad consumer base is driven by social and health choices along with support of the environment. Individuals are looking for ways to avoid chemicals in their home - in food, personal-care or cleaning products - and therefore are choosing natural products and aromatherapy as alternatives."

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