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Line Offers Five Appealing Aromatherapy-Based Personal Essences

NORWAY, IOWA (June 17, 2006) - Aura Cacia®, America's leading aromatherapy company, is introducing Natural Perfumes, a line of natural personal essences derived from each of the five botanical elements that yield essential oils Root, Flower, Fruit, Leaf, and Wood. These five botanical elements, which are graphically represented in the Aura Cacia logo, constitute the building blocks for true aromatherapy. Each Natural Perfume formulated with essential oils extracted only from the indicated element provides its own distinct path towards delighting and exciting the senses.

"The initial impact of Aura Cacia's Natural Perfumes isn't as overwhelming as that of commercial synthetic fragrances," said Tom Havran, Aromatherapy Product Developer for Aura Cacia. "They are natural and subtle, allowing you to experience them just as you would the aromatic plant in nature."

Havran said the Natural Perfumes are activated by body warmth, resulting in a personal essence that accumulates gradually and does not go beyond the wearer's own body space. "The essences are designed to perform with the mind, body and spirit of the wearer in a very intimate, personal and subtle manner," he said.

Aura Cacia's Natural Perfumes contain only 100% pure, gas chromatography (GC)-tested essential oils and a coconut-derived triglyceride carrier avoiding the alcohol and other unwanted chemicals found in most synthetic fragrances and perfumes. These products contain no synthetic preservatives, colors, or fragrances, are alcohol- and paraben-free, and are not tested on animals. Each of the five natural perfumes is packaged in a sleek, compact, .29-oz. glass bottle with a silver cap perfect for your purse or pocket and a convenient roll-on applicator. The Natural Perfumes have a suggested retail price of $12.99.

Aura Cacia Natural Perfumes are available online at, by phone at 1.800.437.3301, and at natural product retailers nationwide. Aura Cacia is a socially conscious brand that respects the natural environment and champions the purity of its product line.

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