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Daily Reports Will Offer Inside View of Essential Oil Production

NORWAY, IOWA (June 26, 2006) - Aura Cacia®, America's leading aromatherapy company, is inviting customers and others interested in essential oils to go online and follow its July 3-13 European tour of fields of botanicals used to produce essential oils. Aromatherapy trainer Tim Blakley, who is making the trip with commodity manager Dave Showalter and aromatherapy category manager Mindy Seiffert, will post daily reports and pictures to a blog ( as the group travels to France, Ukraine and Germany. Those visiting the blog can share in firsthand experiences of the planting, harvesting and distilling processes that produce high quality essential oils as well as get a glimpse into the lives of the farmers and their families.

"Our customers have always shown a strong interest in our informational web pages about essential oils and aromatherapy," says Seiffert. "The pictures and stories we are able to send back from this trip will provide a unique look at how an essential oil is produced from its source--the plant itself--and how the quality and purity of essential oil is determined."

Seiffert says that the underlying purpose of this trip is to build even stronger ties with our growers and gain additional knowledge. Planned events for the trip include touring rose, lavender, lavandin, melissa, roman chamomile and oregano fields as well as attending a school in natural perfumery in France; exploring the production of lavender, clary sage, rose, coriander, and hyssop in the Ukraine; and then melissa, angelica, hops, clary sage, and yarrow in Germany.

Postings will be made to the blog daily, July 3-13, whenever technologically possible (some destinations in the Ukraine are extremely remote). The blog is accessible to the public at, and anyone interested is invited to visit this online exploration of the plants, people and processes behind Aura Cacia essential oils.

An additional blog is also planned for an Aura Cacia trip to the Yakima region in the state of Washington, August 7-10, to tour peppermint and spearmint fields and observe distillation processes. The aromatherapy sourcing blog will continue to be updated as future sourcing trips are scheduled.

" As Aura Cacia's aromatherapy trainer," she says, "Tim is devoted to enhancing people's knowledge of aromatherapy and is happy to have the blog to share the trip with the many Aura Cacia customers interested in atomatherapy. As a veteran botanical traveler, he has the perspective to convey a sense of the wonderful people and beautiful sights that make trips like these so enriching."

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