Mo's Nose book series and Aura Cacia

Mo's NoseThe creators of Mo’s Nose® have partnered with Aura Cacia® on the second book in the brand’s series of collectable children’s books, Mo Smells Green.

In this much-anticipated sequel, Mo, based on a real-life rescue dog belonging to the book’s illustrator, Amanda Giacomini, takes readers of all ages on a “scentsational” adventure through vibrant scents and hues. The book delivers the story with unique “Press-2-Smell” scentdispensing packets (good for thousands of “sniffs”) using essential oils derived solely from nature by Aura Cacia®.

Mo Smells GreenIn the first book, Mo Smells Red, Mo introduced readers to Rose, Strawberry, Fire and Love. Mo Smells Green will feature Aura Cacia’s essential oils. The smells Mo will discover in Mo Smells Green Green are Lime, Grass, Mint and Life. Co-creator and author Margaret Hyde says, “We chose green as the second color to feature in the series not only because the book is eco-friendly and printed on recycled paper with soy ink, but also because the “Life” theme celebrates nature, exploration and the outdoors. We’re so excited to have this unique partnership with Aura Cacia It’s our homage to Earth Day and living healthy.”

A percentage of proceeds from Mo’s Nose® books will benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Visit Mo’s Nose® books for more information.

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