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Live an aromatic life with Aura Cacia aromatherapy

Aura Cacia iPhone App appimages appimages appimages Aura Cacia's iPhone application puts the power of aromatic, natural, life-enhancing therapy in your own hands.

Aromatherapy Essentials

Learn about the origins, characteristics and healing properties of 22 important essential oils. Providing more than just pleasant and varied scents, essential oils are complex, synergistic arrays of botanical chemistry created in nature by plants using fundamental elements from the sun, rain and soil. For the plant, essential oils offer protection from predators and disease but also attract pollinators and influence systems of growth. Many of these effects are mirrored on our own body systems when oils are applied in the dynamic practice of aromatherapy.

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Learn about 16 life-enhancing aromatherapy benefits and the applications that provide them. You will be given suggested oils and how to use the most effective methods to apply them such as massage, meditation and diffusion into your air space.

Aromatherapy Formulations- Essential Oil Recipes

Learn about 16 ways to personally indulge yourself with essential oils. You'll get specific recipes for aromatic treats such as bath, facial and body care.

To Live an Aromatic Life with Aura Cacia Aromatherapy application has been developed by the industry leading experts on purity and effectiveness of essential oils. Aura Cacia produced some of the first commercial applications of aromatherapy and they continue to innovate ways to enhance your life and well-being with their quality natural products. Choose Aura Cacia essential oils for the most effective application.

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