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aromatherapy 101

Sinus Dilator

6 drops frankincense jojoba oil blend
1 drop eucalyptus oil

Blend oils in hand, rub under nose and inhale vapors.

Inhalation Blend

Boiling water
2 drops eucalyptus oil

Drop eucalyptus oil into water, place towel over bowl and head, inhale vapors. Use an eye mask to cover the eyes if desired.

Chest Balm

Unscented massage cream
2 drops eucalyptus oil
mixing bowl
mixing utensil

Combine massage cream and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl, mix well, apply to chest and neck area.

Bronchial Blend

Small amber bottle
50 drops eucalyptus oil
.5 oz. jojoba oil

Combine jojoba oil and eucalyptus oil in small bottle, use as desired

Foot Bath

Warm water in a large basin
2 drops eucalyptus oil
1 drop peppermint oil
2 drops tea tree oil
10 drops frankincense jojoba blend
1 squirt jojoba oil

After combining oils in basin, place feet in water and let them soak as long as desired.


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