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So how can you ensure that what you're buying is high quality lavender?

1) Read the label

Although some lavender is mislabeled (making methods 2 and 3 necessary), you can often find information on the label that alerts you to low quality. Avoid lavender fragrances, for example. They are created in a laboratory, not from the lavender plant, and they lack the aromatherapy properties of the true essential oil. If the label states the product is an essential oil, look for a botanical name. It should say Lavandula angustifolia -- another botanical name means it isn't true lavender.

2) Check the price

When it comes to lavender, you really do get what you pay for. If the price is very low, it's likely that lavandin flowers, or a mix of lavandin and true lavender, have been used in the manufacture of the product -- no matter what the label says. There are no shortcuts in the growing, harvest and manufacture of true lavender oil that allow quality oil to be made cheaply.

3) Know your source

Perhaps the best way to ensure that you're buying premium lavender oil is to rely on a trusted manufacturer with a history of quality and a reputation for ethical practices. The lavender essential oils and products manufactured and distributed by Aura Cacia are made only from true lavender. Our reputation for quality and rigorous testing has given us a significant edge in purchasing quality oils even when supplies are short. To further ensure that our oils are of top quality, Aura Cacia analyzes samples with a series of five scientific lab tests. We've earned the trust of our customers with a long history of guaranteed quality.


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