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Tangerine Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Citrus reticulate Blanco

Family: Rutaceae.

Synonyms: Citrus nobilis var. deliciosa .; C . deliciosa Ten.; tangerine.

Origin: Native to China and Indo-China. First recorded by Europeans in the early eighteenth century. Commercially cultivated in Southern Europe and North Africa. Main producers are Italy, Spain, USA, Brazil, Argentina. Tangerin is the American variety of the East Asian mandarin orange. Tangerine is more orange than mandarin.

Botanical Description: A small evergreen about 4-meters (15 ft) high with a single trunk, narrow lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate glossy dark green leaves and small, white scented flowers. The fruit's a flattened globoid.

Oil Extraction: Tangerine essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the peels (pericarp) of fruits. The oil is orange mobile liquid. Yield 0.5%.

Aroma Profile: Tangerine essential oil has a fresh sweet-bitter orange like aroma. The middle note is light, fresh notes diminish, even full citrus aroma. The dry out is bitter-sweet, soft citrus.

Major Constituents: Limonene (90 to 95%), γ-terpinene (3%), α-pinene (1%), myrcene.

Adulterants: Synthetic limonene, lemon terpenes.

Regulatory Status: GRAS 182.20.

Aromatherapy: Uplifting, refreshing, cheering.

Blends well with: Neroli, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, rose, bergamot, lime, orange.

Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing. Avoid use in sun.


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