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Botanical Name: Origanum majorana L.

Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae).

Synonyms: Majorana hortensis ; knotted marjoram.

Origin: Native to the Mediterranean region. The oil is mostly produced in Morocco, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary.

Botanical Description: An herbaceous plant up to 0.6-meter (1 to 2 ft) high. Perennial bushy plant, but annual or biennial in Europe. It has oblique rhizome, hairy shrub like stalks, opposite dark green oval leaves, and white or red flowers in clustered bracts. The plant is highly aromatic.

Oil Extraction: Sweet marjoram essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the dried flowering herb. The oil is a pale amber to pale yellow mobile liquid. Yield 0.3%.

Aroma Profile: Has a spicy, camphoraceous, aromatic top note. The middle note is warm, spicy, camphoraceous, woody, nutmeg or cardamom-like. The dry out is a warm, woody note.

Major Constituents: Terpin-4-ol (20%), γ-terpinene (20%), sabinene hydrate (12 to 15%), α-terpineol, sabinene, linalool.

Adulterants: Tea tree oil, marjoram wild oil.

Regulatory Status: GRAS 182.20.

Aromatherapy: Cleansing, purifying, uplifting.

Blends well with: Lavender, bergamot, cypress, chamomile wild, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, camphor, cedarwood.

Safety Data: Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant. Avoid during pregnancy and if epileptic.


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