Essential Oils Inspire Memory & Concentration

Why does a distinct aroma become so inspiring? The scent of a spicy apple pie baking makes such a lasting impression because the area of the brain that processes our physical sense of smell is also powerfully tied with areas that contain memory. Where are you mentally transported when you smell cool rain on hot pavement, a bouquet of red roses, or freshly cut pine? Chances are you have a distinct memory waiting to be spontaneously triggered by scents like these.

It makes sense then, that if we were able to consistently tie our visual and auditory experience of the world with the distinct aroma of inspiring essential oils, the visual and auditory data could be much more effectively processed, retained and recalled later on. Take advantage of this phenomenon if you want to commit facts to memory, or simply want to increase mental function and clarity, by using pure Aura Cacia essential oils.

The oil most associated with memory is rosemary. Part of this regard may be due to rosemary's bracing, fresh-herbal aroma. The scent invigorates and refreshes while it stimulates the mind. Try occasionally sniffing a small bottle of rosemary essential oil while studying for an exam and then smelling the oil again during the test itself. It might rouse your recall and up your test score.

Other mentally stimulating essential oils that enhance concentration and alertness:

Sweet Basil is great to diffuse at your desk when that inevitable post-lunch lethargy starts to sap your productivity. It's as easy as placing 2-3 drops on a sticky note and positioning it near the exhaust fan of your computer.

BergamotBergamot is loved by all who smell it and the scent can inspire fantastic group think sessions and creative brainstorming. Combine 5-6 drops per ounce of water and make a mist to occasionally spritz the atmosphere during your next meeting.

Peppermint oil is regarded as a cephalic... associated with the head, brain and nervous system. Use your fingertips to massage a single drop into the temples to clear the mind and dispel tension.

You might be in the habit of fueling mental clarity and alertness with cup after cup of coffee. This is fine, but not as interesting, inspiring or delightful as the beautiful scents and extraordinary benefits provided by pure, botanically derived essential oils. Try infusing your old work routine with some new clarity today... provided by pure Aura Cacia essential oils.

Tom Havran is a passionate expert on the properties of essential oils. He crafts products for Aura Cacia, purveyor of the finest, 100% pure and natural essential oils and aromatherapy products.

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Cinnamon Leaf essential oilThis delightfully comforting and familiar oil is distilled from the leaves of the tree that supplies the ubiquitous spice that we know as cinnamon. The aroma is sweet, warm, spicy and woody. As pleasant as the scent of cinnamon leaf oil is, you want to avoid applying it in any way to the skin, as it can be highly irritating. The aromatherapy benefits of cinnamon leaf essential oil are best supplied through diffusion of the oil. Besides being emotionally comforting, cinnamon leaf has purifying properties and can be blended with other oils like thyme or tea tree to cleanse and freshen indoor air space. Something to keep in mind as the winter season approaches.

Home & Hearth Spicy Autumn Cinnamon Diffusion
7 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
5 drops sweet orange essential oil
¼ cup water
Candle lamp diffuser

Measure and pour water into bowl of lamp. Add essential oils to water. Light candle and diffuse for 15 minutes

Purifying Cinnamon and Tea Tree Room Spray
4 ounces bottled or distilled water
8 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
8 drops tea tree essential oil
8 drops lemon essential oil
Small spray bottle or atomizer

Place ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously before misting room. Avoid spraying on furniture surfaces or skin contact.

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