2010 New Year New You

Tired of over–promising and under–delivering? If you're like many, you might have a history of un–attained New Year's Resolutions. It's often too easy to set big goals and then disappoint yourself by falling short. A wise and much more realistic approach would be to under–promise and over–deliver to yourself with a series of small goals and easy successes.

How to reward and inspire yourself along the way? Powerful applications of aromatherapy will strengthen your resolve, make your effort enjoyable and fulfill the oh–so–American desire for instant gratification.

New You Every Morning starts with a palm full of any commonly available, unscented liquid oil–based, (Castille–type) soap. To which you add 5 drops of invigorating Aura Cacia essential oils such as: peppermint, rosemary, tangerine or grapefruit. Use a sponge or shower scrunchy to work up the fragrant lather. Tip: Follow shower with an all–over application of jojoba oil to still–wet skin, (the best, most natural moisturizer you'll ever use!)

Clean Practice yoga & pilates mat spray. A natural spray of purifying and deodorizing Aura Cacia essential oils will help you care for your mat while it also provides an aroma that centers your attention on your practice. Directions: To each ounce (approximately ¼ cup) of water, add 18 drops of centering, purifying Aura Cacia oils such as: sandalwood, tea tree, sweet orange and eucalyptus. Place water and oils in a spray bottle. Shake well, spritz mat and wipe clean.

Warming Muscle–Soother after–exercise massage oil. A post–workout reward of warm muscle manipulation will inspire you to maintain your exercise routine because it not only gives you something to look forward to after your hard work, but helps eliminate any soreness or ill–effects from overdoing it. Directions: To each ounce (approximately ¼ cup) of Aura Cacia skin care oil add 18 drops of warming, soothing essential oils such as: nutmeg, cardamom and eucalyptus.

Tip: For a shorter, friction–generating massage choose from light, more easily absorbed oils like: grapeseed or jojoba. For a longer massage with extended glide and slipperiness choose from heavier oils such as sweet almond or apricot kernel.

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Aura Cacia® Harvest CollectionThe Aura Cacia® Harvest Collection is a celebration of the top four most sought–after essential oils incorporated into convenient aromatherapy mists, mineral baths and body oils. We carefully blended lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint with other complementing essential oils to enhance the aromatherapy benefits, as well as to create delightful aromas.

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Sweet orange essential oilThat tangy sweet smell that fills the room when you peel a fresh orange is the exact same essence that is captured in a bottle of Aura Cacia Sweet Orange essential oil. The oil is extracted by mechanically zesting the outer layer of the peel of fresh fruits. The oil–rich zest is then pressed and filtered to release the oil. Aromatherapists rely on sweet orange oil to adapt itself to the desired benefit. It can reassure and calm as well as inspire and energize when needed.

Brighter Days Sweet Orange Diffusion
1 ounce water
3 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
3 drops Bergamot essential oil
1 drop Peppermint essential oil

Place ingredients in the bowl of a candle lamp diffuser. Light candle.

Purifying Sweet Orange Tub & Tile Scrub
2 tablespoons baking soda
2 teaspoons sea salt (table grind)
15 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
3 drops Peppermint essential oil
3 drops Tea Tree essential oil

Mix dry ingredients and sprinkle mix with essential oils. Sprinkle on tub & tile surfaces and gently scrub then rinse.

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