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Essential Oils for Traveling

Traveling can be a stressful time - especially if you suffer from motion sickness or anxiety about transportation, accommodations or constant changes in routine. Let essential oils help you reduce your tension, settle your stomach and enhance your enjoyment of your trip. They can be easily incorporated into your travel plans.

What Works for You?

Well before you leave, experiment to find out what essential oils are most effective for you - which will help calm your nerves or lift your spirits, for example. Then select a small variety to take along. If you're packing little bottles of oil, be sure to close them tightly (a bit of tape around the neck of the bottle is added insurance), and place them in a well-sealed plastic bag just in case of spills. Carefully pack a diffuser, if you like, to improve ambiance - and provide the benefits of your selected oils throughout your stay. Sachets are another way to bring scents along - simply tuck them into your suitcase or purse. And be sure to dab a handkerchief or tissue with a helpful oil for handy retrieval during the excursion. (If you really want to take full advantage of essential oils while you're out and about, you might make yourself an old-fashioned tussy-mussy - a small sachet, fashioned from herbs, oils and a bit of fabric - to hang around your neck.)
Get Ready...Get Set...

Take a relaxing aromatic bath or shower just before your departure, and use your oils any time during your trip to minimize your discomfort and enhance your pleasure. Be sensitive to others, though, especially when in enclosed spaces. Your perfectly relaxing aroma might put your driver to sleep, or, especially if it's strong, irritate others in close quarters. Of course, many might enjoy the same scents, and appreciate you sharing them. A special blend - in a sachet, potpourri or with a diffuser - would make a lovely gift for your host or hostess.
Scents that Make Sense

The best travel scents include:

Bay - relaxing, calming
Cedarwood - harmonizing, calming, releases aggression, eases anxiety/
Chamomile (Roman) - relaxing, replenishing
Clary Sage - relaxing, calming, centering
Coriander Seed - relaxing, clarifying
Cypress - relaxing, balancing
Frankincense - calming, restorative, clarifying
Geranium - uplifting, balancing, relaxing, normalizing
Ginger - may help with motion sickness
Grapefruit - balancing, calming
Hyssop - cleansing, calming
Jasmine Absolute - calming, relaxing
Lavender - soothing, balancing, clarifying, normalizing
Lime - calming, equalizing, refreshing
Majoram - calming, clearing, strengthening
Neroli - centering, calming, soothing
Peppermint - vitalizing, refreshing, stimulating, cooling, may help allay motion sickness
Petitgrain - relaxing, soothing, stabilizing
Sage - warm, soothing, cheering
Sandalwood - relaxing, centering, sensual, confidence booster
Vetiver - soothing, calming, relaxing


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