Add the simple pleasures of aromatherapy to your everyday life with our unparalleled selection of essential oils and ready-to-use skin care products — formulated from 100% pure essential oils, to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

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Aromatherapy Articles

These articles suggest essential oil blends and aromatherapy recipes, to help you enhance your life with aromatherapy.

Homemade Body Scrubs

Homemade Body Scrubs

Use a homemade body scrub to naturally supplement your cleansing routine, especially if you are over-relying on soaps and surfactant based scrubs. It only involves a few simple steps! read more.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

The addition of essential oils to the practice of massage maximizes the effect of both massage and the aromatherapy in profound and delightful ways. read more.

Pumice Stone Diffuser

DIY: Turn pumice stones into portable essential oil diffusers

If you are a practical DIY-type who’d like to create some multi-functional, discrete essential oil diffusers that you can tuck or hang up anywhere, try putting together a few of these homemade pumice stone diffusers. read more.

Essential Solutions for Natural Car Cleaning

Essential Solutions for Natural Car Cleaning

You probably spend a lot of time commuting to and fro in your car. Make the experience more endurable by following this list of easy tips to maintain a naturally clean auto. read more.

How to make homemade deodorant

How to make homemade deodorant

If you've been on a quest for a natural deodorant, look no further. This homemade deodorant recipe uses just a few ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen — and is free from the questionable ingredients many commercial deodorants contain. read more.

Tea Tree Essential Oils Overview

Tea Tree Essential Oils Overview

Tea tree is one of the most-used essential oils, but did you know that there's more than one kind of tea tree? What's more, some tea trees sold are blends, tough to distinguish from the genuine oils distilled from the selected species. Aura Cacia Tea Tree, Lemon Tea Tree and Lavender Tea Tree are each distilled from single botanicals. read more.

Summer Sun Skin Care

Summer Sun Skin Care

Imagine the warm, tingly feeling of bright summer sunshine on your bare skin. What is happening to your skin? Why is it getting warm? Will it burn? Will it tan? To answer these questions and learn how to best care for your skin when you spend time in the sun, you have to first understand the nature of sunlight. read more.

Skin Care Oils Overview

Skin Care Oils Overview

Aura Cacia skin care oils offer a natural way to care for your skin, from your hair to feet and everything in between. Each oil has its own unique combination of fatty acids and other characteristics that make it special. read more.

How essential oil quality is assured

How essential oil quality is assured

How do Aura Cacia essential oils make it from the field the plants grow in, into the bottle that you hold in your hand? And how are we certain that all of our oils are just as nature made them? It’s a complicated, but well-established and fail-safe journey that every drop of every one of our oils makes. read more.

Oil Cleansing Method

Oil Cleansing Method

A regular oil cleansing is a simple way to cleanse your skin with a natural oil. When used appropriately, natural, nutrient-dense oils act as emollients that help maintain the soft, smooth, youthful appearance of your skin. read more.


6 Reasons Why Rosehip Seed Oil is Worth the Hype

The rising popularity of rosehip seed oil is due to its many uses as one of the best beauty serums for facial care. Aura Cacia's purchasing team recently visited the source of our rosehip oil in the Patagonia region of Chile during harvest season — a trip that highlighted six reasons why Aura Cacia rosehip oil is worth all the hype: read more.

Winter Skincare Tips

Clean Conscience: Purify Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Spring cleaning creates a healthy home, but for overall good health the process should also be applied to our interior mental spaces as well as our physical dwellings. read more.

Winter Skincare Tips

Head-to-Toe Winter Skincare Tips

Cold, dry weather can wreak havoc on skin, leaving it dull, dry, chapped and itchy (yikes). In fact, it's right about halfway through winter that your skin can reach its peak dryness. So now's the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin with a head-to-toe regimen that includes chemical-free, nourishing emollients and, of course, essential oils. read more.

Homemade Valentine's Dy Gifts

Homemade aromatherapy Valentine's Day gifts

Homemade aromatherapy Valentine's Day gifts are a hands-on and personal way to show your love and pamper the recipient. read more.

Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Mists

Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Mists

Life feels stuffy this time of year. Instead of feeling stuck, explore ways to rejuvenate your outlook, your home, your energy. read more.

Your Essential Oil Inventory

Take inventory: essential oils for the home and beyond

Autumn is the quintessential season of transition and looking ahead. As summer winds down, it's the ideal time to take stock and stock up on home items. It’s also a good time to check your stash of essential oils and craft the ideal line-up of essences for the seasons to come. read more.

Enhancing Yoga with Essential Oils

Enhancing yoga with essential oils

Like yoga, the practice of aromatherapy strives to support the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance the yoga journey. read more.

Making Your Own Lip Balm

Make your own lip balms

Did you know that prior to ChapStick®’s launch in the 1800s, earwax was commonly used as lip balm? Thankfully, nowadays there's a more civilized approach to lip care! Not only can you find many natural, organic, and petroleum-free lip balms, but you can easily obtain the ingredients needed to make a simple natural lip balm yourself. read more.

Inspire Love and Passion with Essential Oils

Inspire Love and Passion with Essential Oils

Have the fires of love fizzled for you and your partner? If so, you're not alone. Living today is filled with distractions and obligations that can block passion and loving empathy: work, stress, family responsibilities, physical health, mental well-being, aging and boredom are just some of them. read more.

Green Clean with Aura Cacia Pure Essential Oils

Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Recipes and tips to help you turn your cleaning routine into a natural aromatherapy experience using the cleansing benefits of essential oils. green cleaning recipes

Calm Your Baby Naturally with Lavender

Calm Your Baby with Lavender

Create a more relaxed atmosphere while caring for baby and yourself. read article

Citrus Savvy

Citrus Savvy

There's nothing like the clean, refreshing scent of citrus to awaken the senses. Quality is always important, but when it comes to citrus, it's especially important that the oils you use are high quality, organic and cold-pressed. This article gives you a clear explanation why it's important, explains the difference between steam distillation and cold pressed, and includes the aromatherapy effects of citrus oils. read article

Essential Oil Production

Essential Oil Production, Bergamot Room Freshener

Essential oils are the volatile, powerfully concentrated odorous principles of plants. Find out how they are produced, different processing methods, the perfect oil for summer, and a recipe for a summertime room spray. read article

Blending, Oil Profiles, Experiencing Oils, Relaxing Blend

Blending, Oil Profiles, Experiencing Oils, Relaxing Blend

An essential oil blend is created for aesthetic and/or therapeutic benefits. But how do you go about creating a blend? What aromas make a good "marriage." This article offers basics on oil blending, and includes ideas for creating simple essential oil blends. read article

Bath Blend

Bath Blend, Massage Blend, Perfume Blend

There are many ways to enjoy the aromas of essential oils. You'll find tips and recipes for making a rejuvenating bath oil, an invigorating massage blend and a perfume in this fun article! read article

Aromatherapy Benefits

Aromatherapy Benefits - Mind, Body, Spirit

Essential oils have positive effects on every level of being. Their unique properties enhance the mind, body and spirit. Find out how and why, and which oils have specific effects. read article

Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Mists

Winter Oils, Evergreen Blend, Citrus Blend, Meditation

Winter season essential oils cleanse and freshen air in homes shut tight against cold weather. A list of recommended oils is included in this article, as well as lovely recipes for creating your own special blends to enhance your home with familiar seasonal scents. read article

Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Mists

Workout Blends

Aromatherapy blends that complement workout routines can invigorate, soothe, and refresh. Learn which essential oils to use to soothe sore muscles, fight workout odors, help you relax, boost confidence, and more. Several recipes are included. read article

Essential Oils


Chemotypes are several different kinds of one essential oil. They aren't manufactured in a laboratory, rather some plants produce variations in the chemical makeup of their essential oils. This article discusses some of the plants that yield chemotypes, how their aromas differ from standard oils, and gives detailed examples about lavandin and basil chemotypes. read article

Skin Care

Skin Care, Moisturizing Cream, Facial Mask, Mists

The molecular structure of essential oils makes them dissolve easily in the sebum of your skin, where they are quickly absorbed. Find out how to make skin care creams and oils for your specific skin type. read article

Aromatherapy Blends for Relaxation

Relaxation, Spritzer Blend, Foot Bath Blend, Foot Cream

Aromatherapy is a natural, gentle way to help nourish the body, mind and spirit. This article lists essential oils that can help you achieve a state of relaxation, and includes recipes for a refreshing spritzer, luxurious foot bath and a cooling foot cream. read article

Energizing, Clarifying and Focusing Blends

Energizing Blend, Clarifying Blend, Focusing Blend

Aromatherapy is used for more than just relaxation. Learn how to make an energizing shower gel, a memory-enhancing blend, and an inspiring blend to enhance your creativity. read article

Balance in Blending Essential Oils

Balance in Blending Oils - Examples

There are two ways to create balancing aromatherapy blends: by using balanced essential oils or by combining oils that have opposing effects but complementary aromas. Learn which oils are excellent balancing oils, two methods for creating balancing blends, recipes, and more in this interesting article. read article

Ginger Root

Roots and Rhizomes, Angelica, Vetiver, Ginger

Oils derived from the below-ground root and rhizome structures of plants support the mind, body and spirit as much as they support the plants themselves. This article discusses three important essential oils that are derived from the roots and rhizomes of Angelica, Vetiver and Ginger. read article

Winter Aromatherapy

Winter Aromatherapy, Juniper Berries, Winter Blend

Cut off from the light we thrive on most of the year, we humans often grow restless and depressed during the darkness of winter. Essential oil of the ripe berry of the juniper tree has a gentle therapeutic effect that is both invigorating and uplifting. You'll learn all about the juniper berry, its oil, and a recipe for a wintertime aromatherapy blend in this helpful article. read article

Hit the Road with Aromatherapy

Hit the Road with Aromatherapy

Traveling can be a challenging time, especially if you suffer from motion sickness or worry about transportation, accommodations or constant changes in routine. Let essential oils help you reduce your tension, settle your stomach and enhance your enjoyment of the trip read article

Essential Oils

Sending Scent

Most of us feel lucky to receive an occasional personal letter amidst the daily barrage of junk mail and bills. Imagine the psychological lift of a letter that brings not only a personal message, but a delightful scent too. read article

The Romance of Perfumery

The Romance of Perfumery

Since ancient times, we have used scent to entice and excite. Eighteenth century's King George III banned perfume as a form of sorcery, after taking note of how women of ill repute used it to seduce men. And modern perfume manufacturers - with scientific evidence backing them up - develop perfume blends with just such a purpose in mind. read article

Savvy Students

Savvy Students

Can scent enhance study skills? The ancient Greeks and Romans - who wore rosemary wreaths on their heads to enhance memory while studying - certainly thought so. Modern-day research also supports this notion. read article


Summertime Solutions

As summer approaches with its opportunities for picnics, camping, gardening and outdoor vacations, you'll want to make sure you have our Summertime Solutions essential oils on hand, to create a variety of summer formulations. read article

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